Music you can trust


Johnny, is a home town boy from Winter Garden and has an amazing amount of both rhythm & energy.  His drum solos always gets the crowd on their feet.   Johnny also brings a unique style to his vocals.

Jack, plays a wide range of instruments including, harmonica, saxophone, flute, tambourine & vibra slap.  He and Tom have played together for 40 years and have a synergy that is hard to beat.  His energy on stage is contagious and his vocals are great.

Scott, provides the bottom end of the band. Professional bassist with over 40 years specializing in the 6 string bass.    Scott also, provides vocals as well as playing a wide range of genre.  He has played in shows with greats like The Outlaws, Tim McGraw, Peaches & Herb, Marty Stewart & The Neville Brothers to name a few.  Scott, provides a funky, syncopated backbeat that audiences love to dance & party to.